Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How to change Hostname in CentOS 7

In the past post I have show you how to change hostname in CentOS 6, but this time I'm gonna show you how to do it in CentOS 7 (noob guide)

If you an expert in Linux, you can get the hell outa here, this aint for you guys.
Ok here it is.

Method 1 - nmtui Command

You can set host name using nmtui command which has text user interface for new users:
# nmtui

You will see like this
Use the Down arrow key > select the “Set system hostname” menu option > Press the “Ok” button:
You will see the confirmation box as follows:
Finally, restart hostnamed service by typing the following command
# systemctl restart systemd-hostnamed

Method 2 - edit hostname file

Go to /etc/hostname, edit the file with the new name. Done.
Wow that was fast. Lol..


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